Heavy Duty WatchDog Multifunction Gauge


Regular price $765.35

The Heavy Duty WatchDog is a multifunctional digital gauge pack designed to help truck drivers improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve on road safety, and increase utility. The WatchDog is packed with features that provide Fleet managers and owner operators with tools to save money and help improve driver behavior.

  • Monitor up to 22 Vehicle Parameters
  • Set Multiple Automated Safety Warnings
  • Monitor (4) Vehicle Parameters at Once
  • Reduces Vehicle Wear and Tear
  • Improves Road Safety
  • Driving Coach Fuel Economy Optimizer
  • Read and Erase Trouble Codes
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment
  • Fast and Easy Installation with No Tools Necessary
  • Suction Cup Kit Included


    Note: Bully Dog has teamed up with Gear Master to bring you the Gear Master Shiftometer software to the Heavy Duty WatchDog. The product ships with a Free Trial Version and the unlimited version is available through a simple upgrade.
  • Eliminate missed gears when shifting
  • Reduce wear and tear on entire drive train
  • Improve safety through driver awareness
  • Promote progressive shifting techniques
  • Keep the engine operating in optimal range