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Add years of life to your Dodge Cummins 6.7 Liter diesel engine with this Water Coolant Filter Bypass System. Removing contaminates such as the casting sand and metal shavings (remnants left over from the casting and machining process when your Cummins was made), means your water pump, engine oil cooler, and EGR cooler (if equipped) will last longer. This kit is designed to bypass and filter small amounts of your Dodge or Ram coolant while your engine is running. The CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum anodized construction filter boss attaches to supplied bracket, which mounts to factory holes in your Dodge or Ram truck chassis. The filter boss includes 2 threaded inlet ports and 1 outlet port. This kit includes all fittings needed for installation. The filter can be easily unscrewed for replacement. We recommend replacement of the first filter at 500 miles with replacement of the second and third filters is at 3,000 miles each. After 3 filter changes, replacement can be done once a year. The silicone hose fittings are pre-assembled for simple, leak-proof connections and are factory tested at twice the recommended radiator cap pressure. The mounting bracket installs into factory holes. No drilling required. 


    • Construction - Aluminum Filter Block, Silicone Hose
    • Product Design - CNC Machined
    • Performance Notes - Cleaner coolant for longer engine life
    • Kit Includes - Coolant Filter, Filter Block, Mounting Bracket, and all hardware needed for installation.
    • Special Note - Recommended Tools: 21mm, 1/2" combination wrench, 14mm socket and ratchet, 1/4" Allen wrench, 15mm combination wrench or deep socket and ratchet, large adjustable wrench, regular screwdriver, utility knife, diagonal cutters


2012 Dodge/Ram 2500 6.7L
2012 Dodge/Ram 3500 6.7L
2011 Dodge/Ram 2500 6.7L
2011 Dodge/Ram 3500 6.7L
2010 Dodge/Ram 2500 6.7L
2010 Dodge/Ram 3500 6.7L
2009 Dodge/Ram 2500 6.7L
2009 Dodge/Ram 3500 6.7L
2008 Dodge/Ram 2500 6.7L
2008 Dodge/Ram 3500 6.7L
2007 Dodge/Ram 2500 6.7L
2007 Dodge/Ram 3500 6.7L