SHOULD I PURCHASE A TUNER? One of the most common questions I field. Tuners are the easiest and fastest way to gain HP. The issue comes down to the really unpopular word.....responsibility! Yes, sorry people. The Key is RESPONSIBILITY.  Tuners are great fun and when used moderately can bring out hidden potential in any vehicle.  I personally like tuners and like most people, am really impressed what life they can bring to a stock engine (gas or diesel). But here's the other side. Engines and drivetrains are built very specifically for every manufacturer, and have equally specific tolerances. When you mess with parameters that affect these makeups in many different ways you can expect failure at some point.  Turbo over speed, crankshaft torque, combustion temps, etc. Then the common response to the promisingly high, soon to come bill for repairs, is that the vehicle, or specific drivetrain, is faulty.  Truth be it that these vehicles are not intended to have the HP that these programmers provide. Something's gotta give sooner or later.

BUT, that being said, would I buy one?  Absolutely! As I mentioned earlier, they are a great addition to any vehicle. The tuner companies today (i.e. Bully Dog, Edge, etc) are exceptional at what they do and if used in moderation, provide exceptional gains in torque, power, and possibly fuel economy. But just a reminder.....WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!  ....That sounds familiar for some reason...cheers!